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Catastrophe Claims

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At GIA, we’re here to assist you before and after your loss. Everyone hopes they never have to turn in a claim on their insurance policy. But unfortunately, losses do occur. Your policy requires that you report claims promptly. To help serve you better, some of our companies have 24-hour direct claims reporting phone numbers.
For clients reporting claims please contact GIA directly during normal business hours. However, if you are filing a claim outside of our normal business hours there is information for some of the companies we represent below. If you do not find your insurance company listed, please contact our office and leave us a message with the details of your claim. Thank you for your business!
If you prefer, claims can be reported directly to the following carriers:

For Personal Insurance:

Company Phone Number Report Claim Online
Allstate 800-541-2616Catastrophe/Storm Claims
800-54-STORM (800-547-8676)
Report Online
ASI 866-274-5677 Report Online
Delta General Agency 800-666-2678, Ext. 2625
Flood Claims: 800-759-8656
Report Online
Wright Flood 800-725-9472 Report Online
Stillwater Homeowners
Condo, Renters, Dwelling
Fire & Auto
800-220-1351 Report Online
Hartford 800-243-5860 Report Online
Myron Steves 800-635-4742, Ext. 8339 Report Online
National Lloyds 800-749-6419
NFIP (National Flood Ins Program) 800-767-4341
Progressive 800-776-4737 Report Online
Republic Group 800-451-0286 Report Online
Seacoast Brokers 404-751-4400
Texas Fair Plan 800-979-6440
Republic Group 800-451-0286 Report Online
Texas Windstorm 800-788-8247 Report Online
Travelers 800-252-4633 Report Online
United Fire 800-343-9131 Report Online


For Commercial Insurance

Companies Phone Number Report Claim Online
United Fire Group 800-343-9131 Report Online
Texas Windstorm Insurance Association 800-788-8247 Report Online
Wright Flood Insurance Company 800-725-9472 Report Online
Texas Mutual Insurance Company 800-892-5246 Report Online
The Hartford Insurance Company 800-317-3636 Report Online
Guide One Insurance Company 888-748-4326 Report Online
Travelers Insurance Company 800-252-4633 Report Online
Philadelphia Insurance Company 800-765-9749 Report Online
The Republic Group 800-451-0286 Report Online
United States Liability Insurance Company 888-523-5545 Report Online
Scottsdale Insurance Company 800-423-7675 Report Online
Amerisafe Insurance Company 800-699-6240 Report Online
Admiral Insurance Company 856-429-9200 Report Online
Markel Insurance Company 800-362-7535 Report Online
Catlin Insurance Company 888-443-4910 Report Online
Progressive 800-776-4737 Report Online
Allstate 800-255-7828 Report Online
Hartford Steam Boiler/ Munich RE 800-472-5677 Report Online
Myron Steves 713-351-8339 Report Online
AmWINS 713-481-5307 Report Online


Should you decide to report your claim directly, please let us know